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“Oh, so you say you’ve got a compilation LP of mostly bands that I’ve never heard of performing moody, heavily synthesized tracks that form an imagined soundtrack to a movie that never existed? Here’s my money. Thanks.” -J. Hubner

That may not have been what I said verbatim when I saw the Foreign Sounds post a couple months ago regarding the SNDTRK compilation LP they were selling in very limited quantities, but it might as well have been. At 5am drinking my first morning cup, reading the news online, and stalking everyone else’s evenings the night before on social media I saw a post by record label Foreign Sounds(home of Slasher Film Festival Strategy) about a compilation they were a part of coming out on Australian record label Disco Cinematic Recordings, of which Foreign Sounds was getting a very limited quantity to sell through their shop. Of course when I…

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Latest Obsession : Vi-Res’ “Pulse”

Complex Distractions

Over the last couple of years I’ve dabbled in the dense, gauzy sounds of Vi-Res. Vi-Res is a heavy synth musical project based out of Australia. I first heard his work on the first SNDTRK album, a Disco Cinematic Records-curated compilation with some absolutely amazing artists(like Xander Harris, Wolfmen of Mars, Slasher Film Festival Strategy, and Repeated Viewing) coming together to create the vibe of an old school horror/sci fi score. Vi-Res hangs in the darker corners of heavy synth. Think Phaedra-era Tangerine Dream with a bit of Timothy Fife’s more modern touches. This isn’t synthwave, guys. This is seriously heady, dense, and analog-driven music to trance out to.

A couple of weeks ago Vi-Res dropped a couple new tracks, “Staple” and “Pulse”. Both have been getting heavy rotation in my brain, but “Pulse” has been hitting the right Berlin School/Kosmische spot lately.

Starting out with circuit-driven growls…

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Strive To Make It Timeless : A Conversation With Broken Lamps’ Eric Bowr

Complex Distractions

Eric Bowr makes music under the name Broken Lamps. He works alone in his home studio building musical worlds that encapsulate mystery, dark beauty, and a feeling of being aged to perfection. There’s elements of classic Italian composers, which gives the songs an air of Bava, Leone, Fellini, and Argento. But Bowr is good enough that he doesn’t come across as copying. His “Original library music inspired by cult cinema and rare film soundtracks of the 60s and 70s” tips its hat to the classics while still retaining deft modern touches.

Of course, Eric Bowr started his musical life in a punk band.

But that’s the point of it all, isn’t it? The journey? How did a little kid from rural Pennsylvania who grew up during the height of “Satanic Panic” in the 80s end up touring in a punk band? Then end up comfortably secluded in a…

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Vi Res : Cold Century

Complex Distractions

Michael Figucio’s musical project Vi Res dabbles in the darker, colder realms of heavy synth music. When I listen to something like Lost Score or Silent Collective I get the feeling of watching some deeply abused VHS tape I rented for a Friday night viewing. Seedy scenes of city streets and midnight clubs, black leather and neon lights. Those first few releases captured the feel of those single synth scores that ingrained themselves into my brain as an 80s kid watching things far beyond my maturity level. Stuff like Maniac, Ms. 45, The Keep, and Escape From New York made as much an impact on me with their scores as they did with their B-movie exploitation and neo-futuristic shock. Figucio locked into those vibes and brought them back with his releases.

Since 2016, Vi Res has dropped a couple collections of music, as well as several singles(and were featured on…

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